chakra challenge: inner light from the solar plexus

Hi, sparkling iridescent beauties!

Welcome to the third very late evening of our chakra challenge, where we will be casually chatting about what in the world is going on in the area in your solar plexus chakra!

This energy center involves your metabolic / digestive systems and everything else going on in the middle of your torso. It is the very core of your being, kind of at your center-ish, right? Think of this energy center as your molten-hot lava core. When people say things like “at the very core of my being,” that’s the center of their life force. Think of that as a fiery center of life glowing from the solar plexus.

This area of your body is literally an energy center; this is where you digest your food / calories / energy and convert it to the energy that fuels your life force. So the emotions that correspond with this area are our willpower, inner strength, and the drive to DO THE DAMN THING, whatever that thing may be. When this chakra is in harmony, you feel motivated, energized, and invigorated by life!

But I know sometimes life makes us forget about this powerful energy center humming at our core. Without the right fuel, we can feel fatigued and what deserves to be our bright glowing flame can feel more like a dusty flickering lightbulb. Don’t worry, you can always take measures to help stoke your inner fire back to glory!

You’ve heard this one before: eat right and exercise. So basic, I know! But with health being a growing concern for everyone around the planet, the information and motivation is out there to do the right thing. I’m not going to tell you to subscribe to any particular diet or exercise regimen, but I will highly encourage you to follow the healthiest routine that is realistically and sustainably possible for you (that you don’t hate). I know everyone has different needs and preferences. Across the board it seems to be an indisputably good idea to eat foods that grow out of our planet, and to participate in some kind of physical activity daily. I personally feel my best when I eat a whole food plant-based diet that is free of wheat and added sugar. (I cringe when I say it out loud, but I have been following this for most of my life and it makes me feel so good.) I also feel my best when I do some form of physical activity I like for at least an hour every day (for me that’s yoga, pilates, hiking, and lifting weights). When I am fueling my body with things that make it feel good, I feel my absolute best, and in my opinion, that’s what makes me feel truly ALIVE!

I know this can be an easy thing to forget, but doing all these healthy things physically can also have a healthy effect on your mood. Emotionally, you’ll want to connect with this chakra by remembering what in your life motivates you. What is the driving force and passionate fire behind what you do in your life? Now more than ever we have the time and opportunity to ask ourselves the big questions, like what the heck is my purpose here? You are a unique expression of life, and you being alive is something to express. So what is it that you are here to breathe life into, and what breathes life into you? Staying in touch with these reflections will help you stay motivated by reminding you why you are doing whatever it is that you are doing here.

While you’re contemplating what inner light needs to shine from within you, try to get a little sunlight if you can, even if it’s just letting it shine on your forehead through a window. For extra credit, if you want to hold a crystal while doing so, I highly recommend citrine! (To me it is just crystallized sunshine!) I also love to hold yellow calcite, honey calcite, or aragonite when I need a little extra energy boost. These crystals always remind me to burst out into the world brightly! Don’t be afraid to stoke your flame. You’re totally hot and you deserve it!

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