chakra challenge: sacred creativity

Happy new moon, mythical creatures!

Welcome to our second day (ok, night, but what does time even mean anymore) of getting to know our chakras. Today let’s take a closer look at the sacral chakra. Technically the sacrum is a bony structure located at the lower spine, but this energy center encompasses the entire area from your belly button to your pelvic floor. Emotionally, it is associated with our passion, inspiration, sensuality, and creativity.

Why are these things associated, you might be wondering? Well quite frankly, this area is where all your juicy bits are located. You know, your sex organs. (I’m sorry to be so verbally invasive today and yesterday. We’re working our way up, okay? This is the last time we’ll need to go over this area. Unless you want me to go over it more in which case, see me after class.) This is where the womb is located, it’s where the parts of you that make life happen are located, and it sure is an area that inspires a lot of passion. It’s where it all begins, baby!

To connect with the deepest creative force with ourselves, we have to connect back to that primal force of creativity, the life within ourselves that just wants to come out! Self expression of one’s creativity is so key to harmony within this part of ourselves. Now more than ever (on this new moon, whole-planet-on-lockdown kinda evening), we need to reconnect with the sacred inner creativity inside us. Life can distract or discourage us from following every creative urge we instinctively would. We also can sometimes be our own worst critic – I’ve been all too familiar with the feeling that I won’t put anything out there at all for fear it wouldn’t be good enough. But it’s so important to set aside all the mental noise from time to time, as much as you can, and create just to create. Try something you’ve wanted to try for awhile – take out that old watercolor set, doodle, dance, write a story, take some cool photos, do something creative just for fun! Even if it’s not an art thing, do a thing that feels new and inspired to you. It will take you out of your normal mindset and routine and open up a door to more creative passion in your life.

I followed my own advice thoroughly today and had a blast! My first creative attempt was with my dusty old watercolor set. Although my attempt at painting last night’s sunset was not completely successful (it looked weird so I drew a face on the sun to lean into that, but then really regretted giving the face eyebrows), it was fun. Still craving another colorful pursuit, I remembered a photography trick my friends and I had tried on our way to a festival using kaleidoscope goggles over the camera’s lens. I did my best to replicate this at home and came up with some super fun stuff! It makes me feel happy to make and interact with colorful images – that warm glow you feel inside you when your creative juices are flowing just right is the feeling of balance in your sacral chakra!

self portrait

The more creativity you explore, the more it will naturally come to you, and with it, passion and a lust for life! (Sounds cheesy but I swear it’s true!)

You can also make peace with your sacral chakra by, ahem, touching yourself in a way that feels good. Whatever that means to you. (I’m not going to get graphic here, I’m just here to give information ok?!?)

If you’d like to have a crystal nearby for moral support and / or decoration during these activities, my recommendations would be orange calcite, tiger’s eye, or carnelian, as they symbolize and support strong, vivacious energy!

Have fun getting down with your sacred sacral creative forces! It’s the perfect way to get this new moon cycle off to a fun start! See you next time for the lowdown on what’s going on all up in your solar plexus.

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