chakra challenge: go back to your roots

Hello, sparkling effervescent life forms!

Well here we are, it’s Monday. And that means absolutely nothing because we’re in quarantine and all that’s currently scheduled all week is STAYING THE FUCK HOME! Even in my “normal” work reality, Mondays are usually my Fridays, so my case of the Mondays is usually a happy feeling anyway. But here we are, just another day at the start of another week, with nothing on the books. So I thought, why not create something fun to work through this week? Enter my chakra challenge!

I really enjoyed chatting about chakras the other day and was thinking, we have seven open days this week and seven main chakra points in the body. So why not use each day to focus on giving each chakra a little love? Working from the bottom up, let’s use this time to really get to know ourselves on a deeper level and work through any funkiness we find so that we can meet whatever the heck lies ahead standing strong within ourselves.

Let’s start with the root or base (or as I affectionately call it now, the b-hole) chakra, located in the area of the pelvic floor, perineum, your juicy bits and yes, your booty hole. I’m not trying to be invasive with my speech here, just accurately descriptive. On a very physical level, this area of the body deals with a lot of our needs for basic survival (digestive elimination & sex, hellooo). So the energy of this chakra is that of survival, security, safety, and sexuality. Feeling unsafe or ungrounded is a primary symptom of needing to do a little work here.

This area roots you to the earth when you are sitting down. It is responsible for basic functions that ensure our survival. We are all lucky to possess these pretty cool body parts that work so well for us. Sure, we may trust them to perform for us physically, but do we trust in this energy center’s emotional stability?

And what does it mean to feel grounded, anyway? Well, it doesn’t mean you feel like you’re going to float away in a sea of frenetic energies. It’s the feeling of being “DOWN TO EARTH” – literally and figuratively, you feel that you have a strong foundation to stand on.

In case you have forgotten, you are strong. You are standing firmly on this planet and you are surviving right now, pretty darn well, as we speak! No matter what happens, you are your support system. Please take a moment today to trust your foundation.

It is often said that we store trapped emotional energies in our lower body. That is why sometimes a powerful stretch or lower body movement can suddenly have you feeling vulnerable in more ways than one. There are poses and movements you can do to help release any stuck or stagnant energy here that is preventing you from trusting your strength. Any type of squatting exercise helps to powerfully shift your energy from a place of weakness to a place of strength. If you experience difficulty in the knees, standing squats are great too! Another more relaxing way to find release here is to try Butterfly pose. I like to sit on a cushion to do this, putting my feet together and letting my knees drop closer to the floor, leaning my torso forward and using my hands to open my feet while pushing knees down with my elbows. I like to bow my head here and stay for a few minutes as I relax deeper into the pose. This is a powerful way to create a feeling of openness where you may previously have felt stuck. I always feel a powerful emotional release in this pose.

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Another great way to release and “ground” yourself is to put your hands on the ground or floor in whatever position is comfortable for you. Press your palms gently down as you breathe and feel any excess nervous energy drain from you and into the earth where it is immediately neutralized. Let your breath draw in stable energy from down below. If you have access to some ground outside right now, putting bare feet on the Earth feels AMAZING and is an incredibly simple way to ground yourself.

If you have a stone or crystal that is black or grey in color, this will also support you in strengthening your root chakra. Smokey quartz, lava rock, onyx, black tourmaline, and obsidian are some of my favorites. Simply hold a piece in your hand or have it nearby when performing the exercises above for a beautiful, magical boost. You can also try putting stones under your feet while sitting or standing for a “grounding” effect.

So do your squats, don’t forget your standing on a planet, and as hard as it may seem right now, STAY GROUNDED!

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