psychedelic pandemic

just a thought: the pandemic could inspire a psychedelic revolution

Potentially controversial opinion warning…

I can’t get this off my mind, and it feels like the right time to share it: the current pandemic we’re facing could potentially inspire a full-blown psychedelic revolution. Even before the start of the city and state-mandated quarantines, the Bay Area hasn’t exactly been shy about its appreciation for psychedelics, with psilocybin containing mushrooms decriminalized in Oakland, Psychedelic Society meetings popping up at least weekly, and micro-dosing permeating work culture across various industries. Could the recent news developments be the tipping point society needs to seek entheogenic enlightenment?

It’s important to acknowledge that what is happening right now is pretty fucking terrible. People are facing an incredible amount of loss, and life as we know it is likely never going to be exactly the same as it was before. But as awful as this is, it’s still happening. And as the fabric of life as we knew it changes unexpectedly around us, it is likely that more of us will seek comfort, clarity, understanding, hope, and a new perspective. After all, there’s nothing like a massive shift in your daily reality to inspire an existential crisis, and my prediction is that this massive interruption to life is going to have people asking some of the big questions.

We are being encouraged to stay at home or spend time in nature, to be healthy and fortify our immune systems for what’s to come, and to find quieter pursuits in solitude. Many of the daily distractions life normally offers are simply not available. With no way to go out, what’s to stop us from going inward? The time off work, the uncertainty, and the potential that a ton of us are going to have to completely change our entire lifestyles and readjust to a different way of life all seem to point to psychedelics as a potential opportunity to broaden our horizons at this time.

It’s also worth asking, what is the planet trying to tell us here? A disease that originated from eating animals we had no business eating is now causing us to consume and pollute less. Now, there is more time for meditation, for self reflection, and for creative pursuits. There is time to take care of your body and nourish it. There is less opportunity to pollute and harm the earth. Is this a message to us to change our behavior for the betterment of all life on this planet? And will we open our minds and hearts to listen?

Responsible use of psychedelics has long been valued as a way to adapt to change, process grief or trauma, find clarity in times of confusion, and gain inspiration when feeling stuck. Many who have used psychedelics report that they are more appreciative of life and more eco-and-health-conscious afterwards. Used safely and correctly, these earth-sourced medicines can help heal our consciousness and (hopefully) by association, our planet.

Our bodies may be shut in, but will our minds collectively expand during this time? Only time will tell – but I had to say it here first.


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