Spring Equinox ritual: release the last shreds of darkness to let in the light

Happy Spring Equinox, magical friends! Today officially marks the end of long dark nights and the beginning of brighter days. As the forces of light and dark converge today to create an equal balance of night and day, this is a powerful time to release any lingering darkness so we can move freely forward into the light.

We are also operating under the last few days of the waning moon here – with the new moon coming up on March 24th – so now is the perfect opportunity to let anything you need to let go, GO. And get it out of here for good! The past has been quite a trip and the future might be looking a little murky, but the only thing in our control is how firmly we stand in the present. This is a chance to shake off any heavy barnacles weighing down the mind so that we can sail forward more smoothly. (Still feeling this Pisces season, anyone?) Sometimes when outside circumstances make us feel helpless, it is helpful to refocus ourselves on the things we still have the power to influence – in this case, in the form of magical ritualized meditation. Enter this simple ritual that will serve as a physical manifestation of our commitment to leave fear and doubt behind, and meet what comes from a place of strength.

For this ritual you will need at least one candle (I’m extra so I lit seven because it’s my lucky number) – if possible, choose a black candle as it is most associated with dispelling and protecting, but if not, white always works. Using something sharp, etch a small X on the surface of the candle to infuse it with the energy of protective intentions. You’ll also want a small piece of paper, a pen, a stick of incense, and an herb of your choice to sprinkle into the candle’s flame. (I used powdered incense and mugwort, to encourage blessed visions of guidance.)

To create a sacred space for this ritual, first light the incense, then wave it in a counter-clockwise circle while doing one full counter-clockwise turn with your body to shake off any unhelpful energies. Then wave the incense while turning clockwise to open up a portal of positive energy. Setting the incense down, light your candle(s) and sprinkle the flames with your chosen herb. State your intention, which might go something like this:

“I am here to serve as a channel for sacred energy, releasing all lingering darkness so that I can move forward with strength and light.”

Now, give yourself one last moment to acknowledge the darkness within you — any fear, uncertainty, anxiety, worries, weakness, doubt. Feel what you need to let yourself feel, then when you are ready, write on your piece of paper a word that encapsulates whatever it is that needs to be released. For me, it was “FEAR.” Take a deep breath in, drop the paper into your candle-flame, and as it burns, release a Lion’s Breath (a powerful exhale with your tongue stuck out). Feel the flames burn away the last of what isn’t serving you, and let it dissipate forever in the smoke.


Now, give yourself a moment to recenter yourself in the mindset where you know you need to be. Sprinkle your candle(s) once more with the herb to charge them with the strength of new beginnings, and offer up an affirmation, such as:

“I move forward with strength. I am open to receive intuitive wisdom and guidance.”

Breathe into the feeling of having everything you need to move forward. You have strength, willpower, courage, confidence, health, positivity, and light. You have what the world needs right now – now is your time to own it and share it with those around you.

When you are ready to release the energy you have gathered into the universe, pick up your candle, spin once counter-clockwise, blow out the flame, and whisper, “SO SHALL IT BE” to seal the deal.

Taking our fears with us won’t help us where we’re going. Doubting ourselves now will only hold us back at a time where we need to be able to grow in any way we can. To adapt to this constantly shifting, unpredictable reality, we need to be light on our feet and trusting in our strength and ability to navigate change. May this ritual serve as a demonstration of our commitment to go towards the light.

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