How to manifest your life (for real this time)

Nearly two years have passed since I first wrote about my idea to experiment with manifestation. I told you I would give it an honest try and see what happened, and I sure did, so I’m circling back to give you the juicy tidbits I learned along the way.

On this journey I discovered a technique for manifestation, co-creation, rewriting my life story, whatever-you-wanna-call-it. And it works, big time! I used myself as a guinea pig for this, so I feel like I can truly say I know what I’m talking about. When I wrote that first post I had a palpable amount of self-doubt weighing me down. I was somewhat depressed, living in a musty closet, feeling like I was working my ass off but still struggling. I believed in my ability to manifest magic in my life, but for a long time it was hard to see how I possibly ever could. After learning and carefully employing the manifestation technique I’m about to share, I can say with confidence my life has completely changed for the better in every possible way. Now I live in my dream home by the beach, my favorite place! I received a promotion in my career that now keeps me incredibly happy and fulfilled through my work. I am the happiest and healthiest I have ever been and have connected with a deep sense of inner peace. I connected with my ability to co-create my life’s circumstances, and so can you.

I can’t take credit for coming up with this manifestation technique – I have heard countless others mention it so I’m not sure where it came from originally. You may have heard pieces of this before, but in order for this to work, all the details must be in place.

You’ll need a journal and a pen. Every day, or as often as you can, write about your life as you want it to be. Describe the details of your ideal life in the present tense, as if they have already come true. Describe your gratitude for everything, and as you are writing, really get yourself to feel how you would feel if you were living in that reality. When you are done, close your eyes and visualize what you described as vividly as you can. Feel the deep feelings of gratitude, joy, and contentment. Is there anything you can smell or taste or touch in this reality? Create this experience for yourself in your mind and become familiar with it.

Some examples of what to write include: “Each day of my life brings a fun new adventure. I am thankful for my happiness, for my health, and for the abundance that flows consistently towards me. I am living in alignment with my soul’s highest purpose. I am appreciated for my talents. My career path is fulfilling and allows me to live freely. I travel frequently to explore the world’s beauty. I am full of love, and surrounded by love.”

You can get more specific, like I did when I was looking to move: “I live by the beach in the perfect place for me.” Take your writing one step further by remembering key phrases like this to focus on, and mentally repeat throughout the day, visualizing this new reality. While doing this, I would picture the smell of salt water and the feeling of sand beneath my feet. I smiled the warm smile I knew I’d have sitting comfortably in my new home. I walked around by the beach as often as I could, telling myself that I lived there. A week after employing this technique every day, I picked up the keys to my new place – just a few blocks from the ocean.

I’m telling you, this works – but hold on, it’s not that simple. It only works if you really, truly believe it works, and if you practice it consistently. To shift your reality, you have to believe that reality is your reality. In order to align with your new reality, you need to be version of yourself that would really be in that reality.

But in order to understand this, we need to zoom out for a second. If you feel like you’re trapped in your current reality, you’re forgetting something. It’s not all about you! This modern world has made it all too easy to forget that we are not as separate from each other (or from anything else) as it seems. You are a part of something much, much bigger: consciousness. You are one face of the infinitely-sided dice in the Dungeons of Dragons game played by life. Matter is constantly reorganizing itself in space. YOU are part of this matter. You feel like you’re only a part of it, but you ARE it. The Dr. Bronner’s bottle sitting on your bathroom shelf has been yelling this at you in caps lock for years: “WE ARE ALL ONE!”

Wake up and remember: We are consciousness experiencing itself. We are reality experiencing itself. We are the dream dreaming up itself. You are intimately connected to the cosmic dance of absolutely everything, because you ARE everything. To wake up to the life you know your soul came here to live, you need to remember that you are a multidimensional being walking this earth with the ability to create.

Write down your story, feel and act as if you are already there, and then release it to the universe. Society and daily routines might try to lull you into forgetting your magic, but catch yourself if you slip back into negative thought patterns. Just as positive visualizations can free you, wallowing in negativity will trap you. Turn your energy and attention away from the things you don’t want, and towards what you want more of. If you dwell about what you don’t like about your current reality, you will keep dwelling in that reality. If your thoughts are rebuilding a new perception of the world around you, you will find yourself with a whole new world to perceive. At first it may seem like more of an effort, but as you practice, it will become habit, and these habits will create your new reality.

I created this blog to document magical discoveries. Now I’ve discovered that we are the magic. Happy manifesting!

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