2020 vision: double this popular tarot tradition for extra insight

“Happy new year” just doesn’t seem like enough of a greeting this time! Not only are we entering a new year, we are entering a new decade, and not just any decade – one that is also an angel number! I have been paying more attention to angel numbers recently, and 22 is the one that I have been seeing around most frequently. (For those of you who are new to angel numbers, they are numbers that often appear repetitively and are considered to be messages with underlying meanings or guidance.) The number 22 is popping out of 2020 with some vey good omens indeed!

The number 2 has long been associated with balance and duality. When I started researching 22 as an angel number, I noticed it was frequently said to pop up as a reminder that we are able to manifest and multiply the goodness we are meant to bring to this life. This number calls on us to trust our inner wisdom while we create the balance in our outer world needed to make our dreams a reality.

So let’s start off this magical year with a reminder that we are all high-vibrational beings with the gift of life and the ability to create. So much of daily life distracts us from remembering that we are magic! Don’t forget!

At the start of the year, every year for as many years as I can remember, I have pulled twelve or thirteen cards (one for each month and one as a theme for the year) as my New Year’s celebratory ritual. But in honor of this transition into an angelically numbered decade I just had to up the ante a little! So I decided to use two decks – the spiritual equivalent for asking another doctor for a second opinion I guess – my staple Rider-Waite deck, and my new obsession, the Crystal Unicorn Tarot.

When I say each card represents a theme for each month, I mean this loosely. I do not want anyone to try this while holding anxiety that if they get a scary-looking card they will have a scary-looking month. Each card is simply a theme to keep in mind for whatever transpires that month – a little bit of a cheat code or advice, if you will. It’s a heads up or a piece of guidance that might assist you, that’s all. So by drawing two cards you will get double the advice to consider. Given that the year is a doubled number, this seemed appropriate, and it was super fun to do a reading with two decks side by side! If you are working with one deck, you can still do this exercise, just draw two of each for each month.

Now take a photo of the wheel and at the beginning of each month remind yourself which cards you chose to guide you. At the end of each month it’s fun to take a look at how much those themes played a role in what occurred. Year after year, I look back on my tarot wheels and am consistently stunned at how they had mirrored the year’s story before it had ever played out. Though I generally use tarot to reflect on the present rather than predict the future, our thoughts in the present affect what we do in the future, so this type of reflection is as close to divination as I get! But please remember you can take this all as loosely or as literally as you’d like. Just don’t stress yourself out about it. Remember, even those “scary” cards are just messages of guidance!

I drew my “theme of the year” separately:

The theme of balance has been especially prevalent to me lately and it looks like the cards I chose are reflecting this too. On one hand we have the three of cups, suggesting joyful participation in feel-good activities with feel-good people. On the right side is the ace of swords, a gentle nudging suggestion to make decisions from the rational side of the mind. Together these cards seem to recommend carving out a middle path – a path full of plenty of fun, just intelligently navigated. A big part of life is discovering this balance, and after a long time of swinging back and forth between extremes, I’m finally receptive to the idea of finding that blissful state of harmony. I’ve spent long stretches of my life either in full-tilt hedonistic madness or in self-restricted isolation, and neither one felt quite right. The process of getting to know yourself is also the process of balancing the elements that make up your life, and I’m pleased to say I’m making progress!

So what’s the takeaway? Have fun and be smart about it. Trust that you have what you need inside you to create the life you know you’re meant to live. If you can see this, you have 2020 vision, baby!

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