The lost art of being with yourself

Did you miss me?

If you did, I’m happy I found you again. If you didn’t, I’m happy you were okay with me taking some time to be with myself.

What has happened to us that we are so afraid to be alone? I hear so many people tell me they are self conscious going places or doing things by themselves. So many of us work so hard to avoid long silences, moments of uncertainty, and quiet moments alone with only our thoughts to keep us company. Don’t blame yourself – our world has become engineered to distract us from going within. We are provided with so many options to constantly stimulate our senses, interact, and consume, that we think in order to be anything you must always be doing something. But sometimes all you need to do is just be.

I get it, we’re all so busy that it can be easy to forget to make time for ourselves. And even when we do have time, it can be all too easy to tune into a screen rather than into the self. (No hate on screens. I know you’re reading this through one. We all just need the occasional break.) After all, if you sit alone with yourself you might see something you don’t like. You might feel something that makes you uncomfortable. But if you never summon up the courage to look at your shadows, how will you work through them? It’s your choice to be the candle illuminating the dark corners of your inner self. Allow your mind to work through what it needs to, and find the strength within your soul to carry on ahead.

When you spend quality time alone, it allows you to step back and reflect on life itself, what you are doing here, and what you would like to do more of. It’s how you learn what you love and where you want to go and where in your life you need to practice letting go. When you are alone with your thoughts, realizations come to you. This is when you can connect with your soul or higher self, your infinite source of inner wisdom and guidance. This is when you can access your intuition, and this is when you can truly tap into your ability to manifest magic in your life.

This is where I have been. Relishing the sweet silence of settling so deeply into myself that my soul remembers its connection to all that there is. And when you let yourself sink so deeply into peaceful solitude that all you can do is just be, you realize you were never actually alone. You are and have always been a part of everything and everyone. And that is when you can return to the outer world with a renewed sense of compassion and connection.

On the flip side of this, it is also very easy to get a bit stuck floating in the experience of being. I know that having the opportunity to be a soul walking this planet means it is important to interact with the world to share what is being learned on this journey. So here I am trying my best and I guess that’s all one can ever truly do.

So please remember to take time to meditate, take time in nature, take quiet moments with yourself. Get to know yourself so you can be your best self. You might fight at first, but pretty soon you’ll fall in love. To heal the things that ail our world, we need to remember our interconnectedness, and that starts by exploring what makes YOU. From there we can create a more magical existence together.

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