program your crystals

This all-purpose candle spell will program your crystals and make you feel like a badass

If I could only choose one spell to take to a desert island, this would be it. There’s nothing quite like the simple satisfaction of programming your crystals over the warm glow of a flickering candle flame, and the versatility of this spell means you can bust it out for just about any occasion. Read on for my favorite way to program crystals with your intentions by getting all fired up.

I like to think of programming crystals as the next level up from charging them; charging them fills them with energy, but where does that energy go? Programming your crystals infuses them with the energy of a specific intention, so that it can potentially echo that energy out back to you and the world around you. You can program your crystal with whatever you are trying to attract. Trying to focus on bringing more love into your life? Program your crystal with love. Looking for courage? Gather up some strong thoughts. Need some peace of mind? You can program serenity right into that bad boy. You get the idea!

All you need for this spell is a crystal and a candle (and of course something to light it with). An optional ingredient is a small pinch of any herb to add the extra strength of plant energy to your spell. Bonus points if you find an herb that’s associated with what you would like to attract (for example, rose petals for love).

Light your candle while thinking about your intention. If using an herbal ingredient, lightly sprinkle it onto the candle. Pick up your crystal and hold it above the flame at a safe distance (but close enough so you can feel a bit of warmth). Say this mantra out loud or in your mind, “I am (what you are looking to attract).” (I am love. I am wealth. I am strength. I am abundance.) Turn the crystal gently around in circles in your hands, watching the glow from the candle surround your crystal with golden warmth. Repeat your mantra with each turn. Feel the building heat and glow of the crystal. That is your magical intention igniting the crystal with your desires.

You are done with this spell when you feel done. After taking the crystal away from the flame, let it cool in your hands. Place it somewhere you will see it or take it with you so that it can lend its newly programmed energy to all your endeavors. I should also mention that crystals programmed this way make excellent personalized gifts; there’s nothing like a rose petal infused, programmed pink tourmaline slipped in a lover’s pocket.

I hope you get a chance to try and enjoy this spell soon! The warm glow of a crystal above a candle flame is a beautiful sight and it makes the whole process feel very magical indeed! Now go forth and become the badass crystal programmer you were meant to be!

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