Big Moon Energy: Your Super Blood Wolf Moon Survival Guide

Who’s afraid of the big bad super blood wolf moon? Not us! The name might sound menacing, but all it means is that the first full moon of the year is featuring a lunar eclipse! This Sunday, the Leo full moon will appear closer and larger than usual. Eclipses are said to be catalysts for change, and this one will be no exception; astrologers have been warning us about the life changing aspects of this phenomenon for weeks! Read on for more information on how to harness the Big Moon Energy for good.

If you have felt a heaviness in the air or in your energy recently, it might not just be you — the lead-up to this moon seems to have been particularly intense for a vast range of people. Everyone from my coworkers to people online to random passers-by on the street keep reporting that reality is taking in a surreal quality, like a waking dream. Being pulled closer and closer to this moon in both space and time has brought out something I call chaos energy (the wild stirring in the air that surrounds people and circumstances that can get out of control). Many people have reported mental breakdowns and exhaustion over the past couple weeks. This seems to be a final clearing out period of heavy emotions and baggage before the changing tide of the eclipse sweeps us onto the next stage. Be gentle with yourself during this time. Try to get extra sleep, don’t overexert yourself, eat healthy, and relax as much as possible to support your body during this challenging transition.

This eclipse is an incredible opportunity for personal growth. You may have noticed the chaos of the previous weeks bringing up unresolved or repressed issues, or emotions that aren’t the easiest to sit with. As much as you might want to distract yourself from uncomfortable feelings, trying to forget about these emotions won’t help you grow past them. Listen to your true thoughts and if you find yourself feeling a certain way, explore it. Feelings come in cycles, and if you muster up the strength to examine them and find where they stem from, you will better understand them, work through them, and move on. This might sound scary, but thankfully Leo full moons are known for lending us extra courage.

Emotions, while messy, can teach us lessons, and the more you listen to them the more you’ll learn. Allow yourself to meditate and drift as if in a dream. I like to balance a small crystal on my forehead while I’m doing this as it serves as a comforting focal point for my mind’s eye. While the super blood wolf moon may have messily brought up our emotional baggage, it did this with a purpose: to allow you to work through it all and move forward quickly with the transitional energy only a lunar eclipse can provide (kind of like a mental Master Cleanse). Visualize everything you are now able to manifest, and know in your heart you are free to create it.

So let yourself relax, candles lit, crystal balanced on forehead, mind turned inward for some deep self reflection. Let yourself see yourself, and let yourself love yourself too. You can go anywhere from here.

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