new year tarot spread

Your Guide to the Year Ahead: The Essential New Year Tarot Spread

Congratulations! Whether you feel like you kicked 2018’s ass or it kicked yours, you made it through this year and it’s on to the next one. There’s one tarot ritual I have made sure to do right around the start of the new year for over a decade now: the yearly tarot spread. My mom taught me to read tarot as I grew up and although she was the one to introduce the concept of a New Year Tarot spread to me, a recent Google search revealed that it is in fact very much A Thing. So I won’t claim this as an original idea or concept at all, but I still feel very inclined to continue to spread the word about this yearly ritual that I have gained a tremendous amount of value from and highly recommend you try (if you haven’t already).

The idea is simple: shuffle your cards while reflecting on the year to come, and what it might bring. Ask for any guidance and wisdom that might be helpful to you in the coming twelve months. When it feels right, pull 12 cards (one for each month), placing in a circle clockwise starting with the first (January) at the 12 o’ clock position. Then pull a 13th card and place it in the center — this card represents the theme of the year.

Remember, this isn’t a prediction of your future — just a roadmap for the year ahead. Each monthly card describes not what will happen to you, but what wisdom will most benefit you during the month. Remember to take a picture so you can reference it as the months go by — I find it very interesting that when I look back on each year and the cards I chose, they seem eerily relevant to their corresponding month.

I hope you enjoy this yearly ritual as a great way to get insight into yourself and the year ahead! Cheers to a new and magical year everyone!


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