this moment is perfect

Is there something following you around? I’m not talking about your shadow or your adorable cat, I’m talking about that baggage, girl. Have you ever had something occupy your thoughts and cloud your mood even when you’re totally removed from the situation for the time being? If you’ve faced a sad situation that’s making you bummed way after the fact, or a stressful situation you can’t seem to shake even after you’ve left, or if you just need help feeling positive right now, hear me out! There’s one simple way you can look at little moments that will spill over to brightening up your whole life. It’s a bite-size present moment meditation available to go, and it goes like this:

If there is something that happened to you or happened in your life that’s kinda haunting you, well, it happened. (I’m really sorry to hear something sucky happened by the way. You’re really cool and deserve only the awesome stuff.) But here you are. Wait… here you are. Where are you? You’re not where the bad / sad / not-so-glad thing happened, are you? (If you are, step away for a sec.) You’re not in the very moment anymore right? It happened already so it’s in the past. These less-than-ideal circumstances might affect your future, but is something ACTIVELY happening to you right now, at this very moment? No? What is happening? Is there anything good? Is there anything beautiful? Anything you can feel grateful for?

I notice sometimes when something bad happens to someone, they feel trapped in it as if the bad thing is continually happening. I did this to myself during my last breakup. It made me so sad, whenever I walked around anywhere my eyes would water because I would be walking around thinking, “I am this sad person who has had this sad thing happen to me.” But there was one day where I noticed, no one is breaking up with me right now, at this exact moment in time. I am just a person walking here and nothing is happening to this person. This person is smelling the rain and feeling a cool soft breeze play with her hair. She is holding a really delicious cup of coffee. She looks super cute today by the way, nice hair!

Stressing over things messes with you, man! Not just your mind but your body too. Have you ever felt sick worrying about a situation you couldn’t control? Have you ever felt sweaty and heart-poundy with adrenaline just thinking about something that made you upset? Have you ever had a less-than-fabulous day and worried that tomorrow wouldn’t be any cooler either? What did you do in between? Were you in a super comfortable bed with a tasty snack? (I’m not judging.) That moment was okay, right? One might say that for that particular chunk of time with that particular chunk of ice cream, that moment was perfect. (Your bed isn’t the only place you are safe though. Please don’t hide there forever.)

This moment is perfect.

There’s your new mantra walking down the street. Sitting in the park. Doing something you love to do. This moment is perfect. Reading this blog! Think about it — you have the time to read a blog about magical moments! That’s a luxury in this busy world! Take note of the times that for these passing seconds, everything is perfectly ok. Notice everything that’s going alright. You will notice that although you may not have a perfect life, your life is full of perfect moments.

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