what will you breathe life into?

I spend a lot of time by myself and sometimes thoughts come to me out of nowhere. They just appear and they start to make a lot of sense. I think of them as messages. One came to me the other day:

“The universe breathes through you.”

I later realized it was my mind recycling the quote pictured above from the Fountain Tarot deck: “You are the voice and breath of universes.”

In our time here on this beautiful planet, we live as expressions of the universe. The fantastical cosmic soup that made us speaks through us. We get so caught up in our day to day lives, it is easy to forget we are all part of the same great unfolding existence. As nature has breathed life into you, you in turn breathe your influence into the world around you. You are a creation, and what you give your “breath” or attention to is what you create.

This realization allowed me to ask: What am I breathing life into? To what am I giving life? Am I watering seeds that will grow and bring beauty in the world? Or am I feeling all choked up?

The idea that we are a breath, a breath breathing a breath’s breath sounds rather soft, doesn’t it? Like a whisper, or a whisper’s whisper. So much of life can feel like a scramble to do whatever we can with whatever we’ve got to go wherever we can go. Sometimes our power lies in something soft and unexpected, like the breath. When you are present in a situation, your breath is with you. What situations are you breathing your life into? Are you giving the effort of your breath where it can help something grow? Or do you find yourself in situations where your breath feels wasted? Perhaps this can be a call to be more careful with where you allow each sacred breath of yours to travel.

When was the last time you took a deep inhale in front of the ocean? When was the last time you exhaled while hugging a friend? Your breath is your life force you take with you everywhere you go. It is evidence of you as an individual living being! If the universe breathed you into creation, what will you allow your breath to create?!? Let it out!


  1. Really enjoyed reading this, it made me think about the way in which the breath plays a part in manifestation and we are all doing that all the time, whether we realise or not. Your post has reminded me to consciously focus on how I use my breath to enliven what I am choosing, from minute to minute, and to remember to gift my focused energy where I desire it to go, by using the breath in the way I do when working with crystals, but expanding that method into everyday life. Thank you.


    • It makes me so happy to hear this spoke to you! Thank you so much for sharing this with me — I am working on this as well!


      • I am a great advocate of breathing techniques for all their amazing powers and benefits, learning to breathe well and drinking plenty of water, sometimes the secrets to health, wellbeing and happiness are just that simple. 🙂


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