the moon tarot

give yourself a fresh start

Spiritual pep talk time! Logging into this blog just now felt like busting open a REALLY creaky door in the middle of the night, probably waking up a roommate. (Am I still welcome here?!?) I’m ashamed to say I nearly abandoned this magical place!
I have a confession to make. I’m not a witch for a living (although I hope someday to cast a spell that pays the bills). I have a full time day job and a dog just like you. For a time I really just let my life get in the way of, uh, well, my life. Has this ever happened to you?

Making the world a more magical place is what I believe to be my life’s work, and for the time I was not writing here, I let myself exist in a cyclical vacuum of day-to-day routine. I constantly felt something was missing – but I told myself, I’m too busy. I’m too tired. And doubts crept in too.
Here’s what I have been thinking. Am I living up to the advice I want to share? Am I bewitching my life? Admittedly I let the self doubt creep in and for some time, instead of fighting this I let it convince me it was the wrong time to try. How can I tell you how to live your life if I can’t tell myself how to live mine?
But then I realized, I don’t want to tell you how to live your life. All I am here to do is to offer up suggestions, like an alternative lens to look at life through.

We may not be able to change the circumstances surrounding us, but we have the power to change the way we experience them.

And we must! That is why I say we are in this together. We have all heard about the Secret, we have all heard successful people claim you can create your own reality. Let’s try it!

The tarot card above is THE MOON! It stands for life’s mysteries, things yet undiscovered. It is the waters of our subconscious that can wash over us and fill us with wonder and awe. It is a call to tune in to your intuition and listen to your inner guidance. Let yourself let yourself.

So today we start anew. This is only the beginning.


    • Thank you so much for the encouragement! I am excited to keep sharing more!!


  1. I found you just as you disappeared, but I had clicked ‘follow’ and am most glad you are back. I can relate so much to all you are saying here. I find that, although my posts sound like I know what I’m talking about, the truth is, they are an important way for me to ‘talk out loud’ and work things out for myself, a kind of shared self-discovery. I suppose the question for me is why share that? Because some of us, as witches, shamans and all sorts of similar practices, walk a lonely path and it’s a chance to connect with like-minded folks, those that walk along the same or similar route, a chance to walk side by side for a time. That can’t be bad. We all have something to learn and something to offer, let’s just let it flow.


    • I cannot tell you how much it means that you shared this with me! Thank you so much for reading and bearing with me through these growing pains. I’ve heard that one of the best ways to process something is to write about it, and can relate 100%! We are all just working this out one step at a time, so I’ve always felt, why pretend to know everything when you can be real and share in the experience of learning? I am happy to have found another kindred spirit in you! Much love!


      • Then, the feeling of happiness is mutual. Can’t be bad, love you back. x


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