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How to protect your energy

Your energy! Your excitement! Your life force that makes you YOU! Your personal little energetic field is valuable and worth keeping careful watch over. If you have ever been in a situation where you felt drained afterwards, you know what it’s like to have your energy drained. Read on for a few simple ways you can protect that precious energy!

A note in explanation of my brief hiatus: I have been going through a time of intense personal transformation, which seems like a strange thing to say, but there is no other way to say it. I have been processing and learning from so many of my challenges and beginning to view them as opportunities for growth. I have been taking a bit more “introvert time” to allow myself to fully experience these changes and heal and prepare for what is to come. Since this blog is made up of somewhat spiritual advice I want it to always come from a meditative headspace and it became necessary to take some time to rearrange my thoughts. During this process I had to make more time and space for myself, and that is what inspired to share my very best thoughts on how to save some of my energy for yourself. Thank you for your continued support and patience, my magical ones!

So what do I mean by energy, you ask? I’m not going to get totally head-in-the-clouds or woo-woo on you here, man. (It’s still going to sound that way because it’s me and I’m weird, but I’ll try to tell it to you straight.) I’m just talking about your vibe, dude. It’s the invisible little aura of chillness, chill-ish-ness, or not-so-chillness that an individual carries around with them. Has someone ever walked into a room and totally killed the vibe? They carried some funky energy in with them. Has someone ever walked into a room and you just loved their energy? You liked their vibe, right? You get it!

If you’re like me, you’re sensitive to the emotions and behavior of the people around you. You might not notice it all the time, but when something is “off,” you pick up on it. If people around you are angry, argumentative, or demanding, it might feel as if they are breaking into your little energy “bubble,” affecting your mood and overall feeling of well-being. Ideally, you can just get the heck out of there and leave that situation in the dust so you can chill out and rebalance your vibe on your own time. But that’s unfortunately not always possible. Sometimes you’re stuck in a situation where you need to deal with certain personalities that might totally make you feel drained until you have nothing left to give. Or maybe you’re just going through a lot right now and even though no one in particular is bothering you, the obstacles at hand make you feel stuck. When you find yourself in a shitty (or even just like, inconvenient) situation that you have to deal with, here’s how to keep it from affecting the vibe you’ve got going on.

And just a real talk kind of note: Please remember that your energy is YOURS to decide what to do with! Share your energy and efforts with those who will do the same for you, don’t be afraid to withdraw when possible if a person or situation is thanklessly draining your energy, and make sure you save some of your energy for your damn self!

Four keys to good vibes only:

  1. AFFIRMATIONS! Come up with a lil mantra to keep reminding yourself what’s important, even if it’s just, “You totally got this.” You can even hype yourself up in a completely unrelated way. Sometimes when completely overwhelmed I mutter to myself, “YOU’RE A HOT ASS BITCH.” Just remind yourself what’s up because if you let your stressy fretting or someone else’s voice get into your head, it’s easy to forget what’s real.
  2. VISUALIZATIONS! I like to imagine my aura as a little pink cotton candy fluff that no one can get through. My friend’s mom says that everyone has a little blue triangle around them that is their own little space. Some people call it a bubble. Visualize it filling with white light and repelling anyone or anything that tries to infiltrate its magical chillness!
  3. CRYSTALS! Black tourmaline is a favorite stone for energy protection. It’s praised for repelling funkiness without absorbing any of it, so while using / carrying / wearing it, it’s helpful to visualize things just rolling off your back. BYEEE.
  4. RITUALS! Rituals to protect and rebalance your vibe can be as simple or complex as you want them to be. I try to combine visualization with a couple other techniques. I like to circle my head clockwise with incense, visualizing a protective circle that smokes away any unneeded mental clutter. Sometimes I’ll bathe in salt water (salt is known for its protecting and rebalancing properties). Lighting a candle and sprinkling a bit of sage on top for added emphasis to your visualizations can be helpful. I love the candle pictured above because during rituals black is a color commonly associated with protection and banishing / neutralizing anything unwanted. Snakes are also metaphysically viewed as protectors and I have had so many dreams about them, so it helps to visualize them surrounding me to keep me safe. If you have another animal or symbol that makes you feel safe, try finding a prayer candle that features it or even carve it into one! All these bells and whistles make your ritual awesome, but the important part is that you’re making an effort to  rebalance your vibe, and that’s actually all it takes to really do it. (You’ll feel better! I promise!)

The takeaway: You can’t fix everything right away, but you can fix how much shit gets to you. We’ll meet again soon so in the meantime just KEEP THAT VIBE CHILLLLLLLL.


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