How to actually use crystals

You might have heard crystals can bring you an unlimited source of good vibes. You might be hearing all about how crystals can help you reduce stress, cope with depression, or just improve your overall quality of life. But you might also be wondering, how the heck do you actually use these things? How do we tap into the infinite benefits supposedly enclosed in these shiny little guys?

Well wonder no more, because I’m totally here to help you through this. I’ve made a list of my top five favorite ways to use crystals. These tips will work with literally any kind of crystal, so feel free to experiment! If you’re new to crystals, go and pick one out! Seriously, just try listening to your first instinct and take home the one that first grabs your attention. (Unless that’s the $3,500 geode in the window that you’ll need to open a new credit card for, in which case, maybe work up to that eventually.)

Now that you have a sparkly new friend, keep one really important thing in mind! Ultimately, a crystal’s true meaning is what it means to you. This can be as life-altering or as lighthearted as you care to think of it. Aside from all the folklore and fabled magical properties, the true power of a crystal is that it triggers an association in your mind with the characteristics it represents. It is a tangible reminder of what you’re choosing to invite more of into your life. You can hold it and behold it, you can see it and believe in it. But ultimately the qualities being brought to the surface are qualities already in you. Sometimes you just need to make things feel a little more magical to see it.

1. Make them yours!

You’ll need to “cleanse” your crystals when you first take them home, but don’t make that the only time! The idea behind having to “cleanse” or “purify” your crystals is because, as little constantly vibrating bundles of atoms, they’re thought of as being able to absorb energy from their environments. What if a really grumpy person held your crystal before you found it? Cleanse it to clear out any lingering funkiness… but also because it’s a fun little ritual! You’ll also want to do this after letting people touch it or after it’s been around any chaotic environments (like if you were wearing it throughout a really hectic day).

There are tons of ways to cleanse your crystals, but my favorite is definitely by smudging. Smudging is the process of burning herbs (I use sage) so that the pungent clouds of smoke pass through and basically fumigate out those bad vibes. Sage smoke is a powerful cleanser, so you’ll always want to let it escape through an open door or window, then follow it up by burning a soft gentle plant as a blessing. I love using palo santo afterwards — the combination of earthy scents is strong but also quite comforting!

You can also cleanse and charge your crystals by leaving them out in sunlight or moonlight. Other methods include washing them with salt water, visualizing a bright light purifying them, and burying them in soil for a night. Remember, what feels most special to you is always the right choice!

2. You really can just put them somewhere and let them do their thing.
Besides being a stunning decorative option for your space, crystals fill any environment with those sparkly good vibes you know you crave. If you’re trying to brighten up a room, try placing a sunny little hunk of citrine in a prominent area. Fluorite is a great option for a workspace as it is said to transform negative energy into positive. If you totally went for it and picked up a giant geode, I’m willing to bet the room you keep it in feels different than before! If something is regularly in your field of vision, it’s likely that it will cross your mind, and the qualities you chose it for will cross your mind too. Think of it as sticking an encouraging note to yourself on your mirror — it’s a little reminder of positivity you’ll always have access to.

3. Take them with you! Wear them, put them in your pocket, stuff your bra with them…

One of the best ways to get to know a stone is by keeping it close to you. Even if you don’t really pay much attention to it throughout your day, it’s kind of like a subliminal advertisement for your desired mindset. Even if you COMPLETELY forgot about it after putting it in your pocket, you still made the choice to put it in there in the first place, right? By making that effort, you took a step towards inspiring its qualities in yourself! If you have a few different crystals, why not experiment with making a crystal “prescription” depending on the experience you want that day. If I know I’ll need to be in a million places at once all day, for example, I’ll reach for a multicolored, constantly changing opalite. If I’m just trying to get through the week, I’ll try an energetic jasper. If I’m hungover to death I’ll try an amethyst since it’s rumored to balance out mental states and promote sobriety (ok, at that point it’s probably the placebo effect, but still!). You see where I’m going with this. Give it a try and take note of any differences you notice, even if it’s just the comfort of having something to fiddle with in your pocket.

4. Make a sachet!
Okay, so this also involves carrying a little gem with you, but it’s a little more crafty! You can make a little sachet as a personal reminder for the energies you want to attract into your life. Just take a small cloth bag and fill it with any stones of your choice, any herbs that correspond with what you hope to attract (check out a great list of metaphysical herb properties here), and any other earthy objects that might feel meaningful to you (I love adding sand and shells to mine). You can take it with you as you go about your day, put it under your pillow to take with you to your dreams, or give it as a gift. The sachet pictured above is my self love stash, with rose quartz, rosebuds, and a little lavender for gentle loving energy. Try making your own!

5. Meditate!

There are SO many ways to do this but my absolute favorite way to meditate with crystals is right before I go to sleep. (I’m a total jittery insomniac and this is one of the very few things that helps me quiet my mind before bed.) I would recommend this for palm-sized or larger crystals because you might fall asleep and lose a little one in your bed, but if you want to use something small, try tucking it in your pillowcase. If you do have a larger crystal, try resting it on your chest, holding it in your hand, or even cuddling it like it’s the little spoon. (I sleep alone, please don’t judge me, thank you.) It sounds weird but that quiet time in a dark room really helps you get the feel of the thing. Picture how your chosen stone looks and picture it growing until it completely surrounds you and you’re in a little cave made up of it. How do you feel in there? Is there more space to explore? It’s a great way to get to know your crystal from the inside out and you might fall asleep doing it and have awesome dreams, so you really have nothing to lose here.

These tidbits are really just the tip of the glittering crystalline iceberg and I look forward to sharing so much more with you! If you have any big favorite techniques please let me know so I can try them too!


  1. I really love the bedtime visualisation of your crystal growing bigger until you are in a cave of it, I will try that tonight with a celestite – bliss! Love your crystal photos, do you really have that many crystals?! x


    • Ooh thank you so much, I’m so glad you like it! I bet celestite would be so dreamy! I have a small space but my crystal collection is really starting to take over. I’ll definitely share more pictures soon! 💗


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